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Genealogy books, guides, research aids, and more! Explore all things family history to help you bust those toughest brick walls. Here you will find other products we love and believe in on the hottest topics like DNA, Evernote, organization, methodology, and ethnic research.

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The Family Tree Guide to DNA Testing and Genetic Genealogy
by Blaine T. Bettinger

Retail: $29.99
Sold through Amazon

Story of My Life
by Sunny Morton

Retail: $19.99
Sold through Amazon

Trace Your German Roots Online
by James M. Beidler

Retail: $21.99
Sold through Amazon

Organize Your Genealogy
by Drew Smith

Retail: $25.99
Sold through Amazon
How to Use Evernote for Genealogy
by Kerry Scott

Retail: $25.99
Sold through Amazon

Family Photo Detective
by Maureen Taylor

Retail: $26.99
Sold through Amazon

Unofficial Workbook
by Nancy Hendrickson
Updated for 2019!

Retail: $21.99
Sold through Amazon

Unofficial Guide to
by Dana McCullough

Retail: $25.99
Sold through Amazon

Animoto Video Creation 
Free Trial + Subscription

Retail: $60/year
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Click here for step-by-step instructions and examples!

AncestryDNA Test Kit

Retail: $99
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 FREESHIPDNA for free shipping!
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23andMe DNA Test Kit
by 23andMe

Ancestry Service: $99
Ancestry Service + Health: $199

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Family Finder DNA Test Kit
by Family Tree DNA

Family Finder: $79
YDNA: $248/$347
mtDNA: $278

Family Finder included in all YDNA and mtDNA packages. 
Sold through Family Tree DNA

 How to Archive Family History Keepsakes
by Denise Levenick

Retail: $24.99
Sold through Amazon


MyHeritage DNA Kit
by MyHeritage

Retail: $79

Click here to upload your results from another testing company to MyHeritage for FREE for even more matches and results!

RootsMagic 7
Genealogy Software by RootsMagic

Retail: $29.95
Sold through Amazon

Legacy Tree Genealogists
Professional Research Services

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Sold through Legacy Tree Genealogists

 LivingDNA Test Kit
by LivingDNA

Retail: $99
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Amazon Echo
Smart Speaker

Listen to The Genealogy Gems Podcast with Amazon Echo!
Retail: $179.99
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