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Genealogy Gem Rhinestone Pin

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Back by request! The rhinestone Genealogy Gem pin is the perfect way to show off your love of family history. Every ancestor is a gem, and so are you!

"You mentioned the new release for the Genealogy Gems pin in Premium Podcast episode 168 and I just had to write and share that I got one of your beautiful Genealogy Gem pins back when it was first available and I love it. I wear it every time I find myself doing the genealogy happy dance. My family and friends recognize that I've made a discovery and when they see the pin: they ASK! And I get to tell the story. Win Win. I encourage your listeners to get themselves the new pin!! -- Pat D."

Pin measures approx. 2" x 1"

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Details: Nickel-free. Handmade in the USA of Chinese components. Not intended for children 12 and under.