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Understanding Family Tree DNA

Understanding Family Tree DNA

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Quick Reference Guide / Cheat Sheet / Research Aid

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Author: Diahan Southard, Your DNA Guide

Many have begun to explore autosomal DNA testing with Family Tree DNA, but aren't sure how to navigate the website and make genealogical connections. This guide provides answer to the following questions:

  • How can I find my best matches at Family Tree DNA?
  • What do the MyOrigins results mean?
  • Do I need to add my pedigree chart to the website?
  • What to the relationship ranges, like 2nd - 4th cousin, really mean?
  • What is a cM and why is it listed on my match page?
  • What is a chromosome browser? How do I use it my genealogy?
  • How do I use the In Common With tool to find genealogical connections?


    Pages: 4
    Size: 8.5 " X 11"
    Year Published: 2017
    Binding: 10 mil, tear resistant, water resistant synthetic - folded
    Interior: Full Color
    Publisher: Genealogy Gems Publications

    Shipping available to U.S. and Canada.
    Other International Customers: see digital version

    Diahan Southard has a background in microbiology with a talent for clear and concise explanations of complicated topics. She has been translating genetics into genealogy for 15 years and currently acts as Your DNA Guide, providing personalized consultation experiences to help genealogists use DNA testing in their genealogy.

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